Crystal flower ring tumbler

Tax included.

Goblet with pretty flowers and crystal carving on the ring

Since the transparency is overwhelmingly higher than the openwork carving so far, from the crystal part

The color and light of the drink are transmitted very beautifully.

It is a container that gives a gorgeous color to the atmosphere of the dining table.

Crystal carving We use the only original technique to make it colorless and transparent glass.

Holes are carved one by one by hand, clay is filled by hand one by one, and firing is performed twice at a high temperature of 1300 degrees.

Item number 527 D83 M 23232
Price 4,290 yen Domestic sales tax-included price)
Producing area Hasami ware
Size diameter about 8 height 13㎝ 
Capacity about 310㏄
Weight about 220g
Material Porcelain
Country of origin Japan