Tenpei's 甍 Cup & Saucer Set

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A very beautiful green cup and saucer.

The cups and saucers have a very beautiful green color, which seems to make the atmosphere of the table and the mood of the user gentle.

This product uses a technique called "kiln change glaze". It is a glaze that deliberately changes color depending on the way it is fired in the kiln, the temperature, and the composition of the glaze. The result is a vessel with a deep flavor. The final result cannot be known by the artist until the piece is taken out of the kiln and checked. The color of the actual piece may differ greatly from the product image due to the large variation in individual pieces.


Width approx. 10cm 

Height: approx. 6cm

Saucer: approx. 15 cm

Capacity: approx. 265 cc

Weight: approx. 360 g

[Material] Ceramic

[Place of origin] Ohori Soma-yaki

[Country of origin] Japan